Standard Membership

Standard Member Benefits

£4,000 per annum

Ideal for SMEs /NGOs/Academia seeking access to networking opportunities, market intelligence and profile enhancement for a limited number of employees.

Gives 4x named nominees access to:

  • IA Insights Digital Events Programme, including workshops, webinars & podcasts

  • All members receive a discount on tickets to our flagship event, The Africa Debate

  • IA Live Member Events (up to 100 per annum)

  • IA Connect Programme including Summer Networking Reception

  • Discounted or free access to select partner conferences through the IA Connect Programme i.e. Investing in African Mining Indaba, CEO Forum, AfDB AIF, GBF

  • Discounted tickets for our flagship event, The Africa Debate


Gives 4x named nominees access to:

  •  Regional or sector specific forums on the Invest Africa Network platform

  • Connections to other IA members through the Invest Africa Network platform

  •  Facilitated introductions by the IA team through the Invest Africa Network platform


‘Soft landing’ support:

  • Investor Mission Programme providing trade missions across Africa

  • Exclusive business development offers from our corporate partners

  • Facilitated introductions to African government officials and to the African diplomatic community

  • One-to-one introductions


  • Daily Brief, powered by Oxford Analytica

  • Asoko Week in Review

  • Weekly Insights Newsletter

  • Monthly CEO’s Newsletter.


  • Promotion of thought leadership through editorial content

  • Extensive social media

  • Thought leadership opportunities


“Invest Africa is a fantastic network to be

part of, with a great membership base

of people who are passionate about

doing business and investing in Africa.”

— Kirsty Chadwick, CEO, TTRO

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