Lobbying: Strategy and mediation

Our firm is recognized for its ability to resolve complex issues. We consider this specificity to be an art form. No doubt because it requires as much know-how, method and rigor as it does talent, inspiration and creativity. We operate at the frontier of our clients' knowledge, in critical and often complex spaces. The problems we are faced with, however, require clear and simple solutions. Shedding light by examining the situation from a new angle – this challenge is at the heart of the profession as we practice it.

Our method is based on two fundamental principles: analytical rigor and empirical validation. Our missions are marked by an uncompromising requirement of logical reasoning and a strong anchoring in the reality of the facts. Our missions begin with a Socratic questioning of the problem posed... and most often end with a contribution to the strategy that goes far beyond an ordinary recommendation.

We work on fundamental strategic issues: identifying growth drivers, reversing a negative trend, acquiring or selling assets, configuring resources to apply a strategy. Hence the multiplicity and complementarity of the expertise that we make available to our clients: innovation and technology, organization, human resources management, etc. They feed into and concretely extend our strategic approach by enabling us to support them downstream. Our teams have the advantage of being able to combine the very latest theoretical contributions from the academic world and long experience in the field.

All this in respect of the culture of each client. We want to be innovative but remain pragmatic. If complexity inspires us, simplicity guides us. To sustainably increase the performance of an organization, our intervention must necessarily rely on its internal strengths, find their support and even federate them by giving meaning to the action.