BlackFort Wallet and Exchange


SOON BlackFort Wallet and Exchange : is a cryptocurrency wallet provider that brings together wallet and exchange services, created since 2019, Blackfort is the 1st decentralized crypto wallet exchange. It has obtained the EU super license: FVT000100. The strictest license for cryptocurrency services which is issued by the Central Financial Transactions Investigation office. All business activities of the company are regulated and supervised by a European financial authority. And in addition he has a big business that is starting to develop...

The first company in Europe to obtain the European Wallet & Exchange license in 2020. Designed for Web 3.0, it is today The fastest BlockChain on the market with 100,000 transactions per second. The block time is 5 seconds. The fees are cheaper than all other systems. This is the first GLOBAL company with TOKENIZATION of the BEST CRYPTO ASSETS!!! The BLOCKCHAIN is working and going live in MAINNET in JUNE 2022. The COUNTDOWN is in progress on the back office.

Ambassador Investis Ltd leads the scientific work to launch BlackFort's expansion and development program in Africa. Soon, BlackFort Wallet and Exchange in the 54 African States.